Tom Mangan’s
Fun With Google Maps

Blackbird Spotting

Soon after the Google Maps API was released in 2005, I found myself in need of a project so I could play with the API and see what I could break. As it happened, I had just read about Robb Magley’s search for an SR-71 crash site and decided to find out where all of them are now. Here are the locations of every A-12, YF-12A, M-21, and SR-71 ever built, as of November 2013.

Area 51 Historical Photos

During a late-night jaunt through the tinfoil hat websites a while back, I found one that's less sensational and more informational. had a series of photos of Area 51 throughout the decades, and I promptly swiped them. I manually rectified the images and overlaid them using GIS software, and after the Google Maps API was released, I thought it would be fun to share the results.

Track the Space Shuttle Hubble and ISS

Orbital tracking is down for a complete rebuild.

Defunct Google Maps Extensions

When the Google Maps API was in its infancy, it needed some help doing certain things. I wrote the TLabel and TPhoto extensions to make those things possible, but they’re no longer necessary since the API has matured.